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As a fine artist, I show mainly traditional oil paintings: landscapes, still-lifes, and commissioned portraits. These paintings are, in a way, a visual journal. They represent my perception of experiences that I have had, places that I've been, people that I've met and known, as well as images that have existed only in my imagination. For each of my paintings, I use different methods of oil painting to achieve the desired result, depending upon mood, subject, size, and lighting. I may paint strictly alla prima for energetic brush work, or employ techniques of the impressionists for greater color vibration, or I may use techniques from Italian Renaissance painters to achieve richness and depth.

I love painting portraits. They are both challenging and rewarding. My two main goals in portraiture are to meticulously capture an accurate likeness, and to create a beautiful and timeless painting. In an age when we are saturated with photographic images, the magic of an expertly executed original oil painting stands out as unique, timeless, and something to be treasured for generations.

As an illustrator, I don't have a singular style; more like multiple personality disorder. I would get bored taking the same approach for every job. I employ an arsenal of techniques and styles depending on the needs of the client and the project. I combine traditional drawing and painting media along with digital art applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Having a big bag of tricks helps to keep me busy as a professional, and I believe that it helps me to adapt my teaching to each student in the classroom.

I consider myself a perpetual student of art. Visual techniques are something that an artist should never stop learning.


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